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One Step Closer to a Lyme Disease Vaccine

Phase II trial results show VLA15, the Valneva Lyme disease vaccine, induces antibodies.

Left: Lyme disease-causing ticks and their sizes at different stages of life are shown next to a dime for comparison. Right: Bull’s eye rash from a Lyme disease-carrying tick. [Source: CDC, https://www.cdc.gov/lyme/transmission/index.htm; https://phil.cdc.gov/details.aspx?pid=9875]
Diagram of the VLA vaccine strategy. The vaccine has 3 engineered proteins each contain 2 forms of OspA from different Borrelia bacterial serotypes and a lipid modification to enhance immunogenicity. The OspA proteins are shown as octagons and the antibodies induced by the vaccine as the Y-shapes. [Credit: Nancy R. Gough, Ph.D. BioSerendipity, LLC]

Scientist, editor, and writer with a PhD in Pharmacology

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